Table of Contents 

1. Overview

Armour on Khaeros is divided into 3 "classes":

  • Light armour - Plain leather armour, ringmail armour, khemetar scale mail, bone armour, azhuran leather.
  • Medium armour - Studded leather armour, chainmail armour, alyrian chain mail, Azhuran spiked chain chest.
  • Heavy armour - Plate mail, Vhalurian ornate plate, Tyrean half plate, female plate chest.

2. Armour Resists

Unlike OSI, armour on Khaeros is listed as:

  • Blunt - Protects against blunt weapons, like maces, staves and fists.
  • Slashing - Protects against swords, axes and the like.
  • Piercing - Protects against daggers, spears and other thrusting weapons.