1. Character Commands

  • .Hunger - Opens up a small gump which displays your current hunger & thirst levels.
  • .CharInfo - Opened automatically upon login, it displays custom information about your character that cannot be found on the game's default status window.
  • .Level - Displays your character's current level, experience points and character points for quick reference in case you do not like to keep the character info window open.
  • .Resists - Used to check your character's resistances in case you do not like to keep the character info window open.
  • .StatPoints - Allows you to spend the stat bonus points you receive upon leveling.
  • .Look - Allows you to see an item's or a character's description, or (upon targeting yourself) change your own description, or (upon targeting an item) add a description to an item you have crafted. Additionally, you can also change the description of your followers this way.
  • .Carry - Allows you to carry an unconscious player in your arms as long as you can withstand the weight.
  • .Birthday - Once you complete your character's creation, this command can be used to remind you of your character's birthday.
  • .Backgrounds - Displays the merits and flaws you have taken during the creation process for further reference.
  • .Time - Displays the current in-game time.
  • .SpeakLanguage Alyrian - Changes your current spoken language to Alyrian. Other options are Azhuran, Khemetar, Mhordul, Tyrean, Vhalurian and Common.
  • .LieDown - Allow your character to lie on the ground. Use it again to stand up.
  • .RollDice - Allows you to roll up to 10 dice of up to 100 sides.
  • .Reforge - Displays the number of reforges available to the character. Further allows the player to use a reforge by typing 'yes' or cancel by typing 'no'.
  • .List feats - Displays a list of all feats, and their levels, that a character has taken.
  • .E - Opens a gump that allows the player to select from a variety of different emotes. The player may also type .e followed by the emote name to achieve the desired effect. Ex: .e giggle.
  • .Pervsounds - Opens a gump that allows the player to select from a variety of sounds to be utilized by their character.
  • .AddAtmosphere - Use this command to spawn an atmosphere tile in your backpack. By following the prompts you may change an atmosphere description or time interval for activation. Please note that you may only have one tile per character and must lock this down like a normal item.
  • .HeightWeight - Opens up a gump that displays your current height and weight in petrae and in the metric and standard systems.
  • .Organizations - Opens up the organizations gump. By typing ".organizations Empire/Etc" you would automatically bring up that Organizations information.
  • .Title - Deactivates your current organizational title and returns it to the default.

2. Item Commands

  • .Grab - Allows you to take possession of certain static items left in the world by the staff to be grabbed by players.
  • .DiscardLiquid - Allows you to discard the liquid from the targeted water container (pitchers, potions, etc). If you target a non-water container (bag, chest, etc) it will instead empty all the water containers present inside.
  • .Sheathe Left Back - Allows you to sheathe the weapon or shield currently in your hand. The first argument (Left) controls which item you want to sheathe (left means in your left hand, and right means right hand). Two-handed weapons are always considered to be in the left hand. The second argument (back) controls where you want to sheathe the item. Options are back and waist, and you will need the appropriate sheath in your inventory (made by tailors).
  • .Unsheathe Back - Allows you to unsheathe a weapon that is currently sheathed either behind your back, or at your waist (change Back to Waist in that case) and immediately equip it.
  • .BandageSelf - Automatically applies bandages to your character.
  • .Split - Allows you to split stacks in two.
  • .CraftContainer - Allows you to specify a container within your backpack that completed crafting items will automatically go into.
  • .Loot - Allows you to target a corpse and automatically pick up any coins or reward tokens on its body.

3. Skill Commands

  • .Taste - Allows you to taste a potion in order to determine its effects and side-effects. You need Alchemy and Herbal Lore for this to work. The more skill your character possesses, the more effects they can figure out.
  • .FindPlants - Brings up a tracking-style menu where you can see which plants are in your area. Selecting a specific plant will give you an arrow pointing towards its location. The range is dependent on the Herbal Lore skill and you must have more than 0.0 points in Herbal Lore in order to use the command.
  • .ListDisguises - Lists your saved disguises if you have atleast level one of the Disguise Kit skill.

4. Combat Commands

  • .Spar - Allows you to restrict yourself to dealing 1 point of damage while fighting. This only applies to melee attacks.
  • .AddAlly - Used to add another character, be it a player or a pet, to your ally list. This will prevent them from being hit by some of your special attacks, such as Cleave and Hail of Arrows, as well as ensure that they will receive XP and CP when you defeat a creature near them.
  • .RemoveAlly - Used to remove a character from your ally list.
  • .ClearAllyList - Used to remove all characters from your ally list.
  • .CombatAlerts - Used to toggle between showing all combat alerts and only relevant ones.
  • .CombatQueue - Toggles between enabling and disabling the combat queue system.
  • .AutoCombat - Toggles between enabling and disabling the autocombat system.

5. Follower Commands

  • .MercName NewName - Used to change one of your mercenaries' name.
  • .MercTitle NewTitle - Used to change one of your mercenaries' title.
  • .MercSay Hello, world! - Forces one of your mercenaries to say "Hello, world!".
  • .MercEmote smiles to you - Forces one of your mercenaries to emote "*smiles to you*".
  • .MercMount - Forces one of your mercenaries to mount an animal you control.
  • .MercDismount - Forces one of your mercenaries to dismount.
  • .CheckLevel - Used to check a follower's level and experience (and, if they are a mercenary, also their stats, skills, current copper and the amount they are charging you per day).

6. OOC Commands

  • .MyIcons - Allows you to set up macros for commands in the form of floating icons. Useful for any misc macros you don't want plaguing your keyboard.
  • .Password 123 - Changes your account's password (123 being an example of a new password).
  • .FreeForRP - Allows you to add/remove yourself from the list of characters currently online and available for RP.
  • .LookForRP - Lists the current online characters looking for RP and, if there are any, it will prompt you to type the name of one of them. Type it as it shows, with caps when relevant and whatnot, then hit enter. You will receive a tracking arrow to the character's direction, along with the information of how far they are at the moment. If the character toggles their .FreeForRP off, you will lose the arrow.
  • .CheckSpeed - Displays your modified attack speed in seconds. This takes into account all of your passive feats, stances, etc. It is especially useful for checking if your speed is capped.
  • .FixMe - Forces the server to resend all draw info to you to restore synchrony. Use it when frozen for no reason or when unable to walk to a certain direction, etc.
  • .ChangeName - For use while in the character creation chamber to set a name longer than Ultima Online defaults.

7. Skill Commands

There are many commands which become available as you purchase skills. These are not displayed in this guide, as they do not apply to everyone. They can be found in individual skill descriptions (both in-game and here on the website) --- see Skills for more information.