Table of Contents 

1. Overview

By using the .look command it is possible to alter descriptions on yourself, Masterworks and Extraordinary items. Currently you have 1 page to describe a MW or an EO item, while characters have at least 3 pages to do so. Some people prefer to describe an items stats or their personality, which is wrong, you cannot look at something and know these things.

  • For items, try to describe just the looks, if its an EO or a MW try to describe it for what it is, using gems, hilt shape, runes, engraving, etc. Most craftsmen will want to place their seal on it as well.

2. Personal Looks

Surely people know how to describe a person by now, you most likely did in your application, but there are some things to pay attention to. For example, it is not fine to pick the Disfigured flaw so you get more CP, and then describe your character as beautiful except for his pinky toe which he keeps hidden all the time. You should never describe your character as better looking than you actually paid or got paid for.

  • Gorgeous - Feel free to describe the embodiment of beauty, a sculptor would make a statue out of you, a painter would paint you just for the privilige. Your beauty is way above the common rabble.
  • Good-looking - You're very beautiful, enough to have people turn their heads as you walk by. Members of the opposite sex will find it very pleasant to look at you.
  • Attractive - Better looking than most adventurers or peasants, you are easy on the eye, and might have one or two special traits that stand out, like dimples or piercing eyes.
  • Average-looking - You look just like most people on Khaeros, you dont turn heads, but neither are people finding it hard to look at you while they talk. This is what you get if you dont pick a flaw or merit. You blend with the crowd.
  • Homely - You have some qualities that isnt considered beautiful by most, could be large teeth, big nose, big ears, receeding hairline. Its a greyzone since some people like and some dislike things like freckles for example, so try to pick obvious flaws. You are by no means hard to look at though.
  • Ugly - Either you had an accident or your parents beat you with an ugly-stick, because you are -ugly-. People find it hard to look at you in a conversation. Being ugly can mean you have warts, broken and mashed nose, unibrow, etc. Ugly is having multiple traits that all give the impression that your looks is just plain wrong.
  • Disfigured - You look horrible, either by birth or accident you have an obvious disfigurement, like a hunchback, large red spots on your face, a growth, a horrible burn mark, etc. Like always the flaw has to be visible and obvious, no hiding the disfigured toe.