Table of Contents 

1. Overview

Khaeros has several skills that have to do with weapons.

  • Swordsmanship - The skill of fighting with swords, of course. It is probably the most evenly balanced weapon type when it comes to damage distribution and stats.
  • Fencing - This skill uses daggers and small stabbing weapons. This weapon group has the fastest weapons, with a preference for thrusting attacks.
  • Axemanship - A skill for fighting with axes of all kinds, including Tyrean throwing axes when used in melee. Axemanship weapons are usually slow bit hard hitting, and do some splash damage, meaning that they will inflict minor damage even if parried.
  • Macefighting - The skill for using blunt weapons. They generally have average speed and somewhat lower damage, but do splash damage.
  • Polearms - This skill lets you fight better when using spears and halberds/bardiches. They are slow but defensive weapons, with higher than average damage. They have a longer range than other melee weapons, but require you to stand still for half a second before you can attack to prevent kiting.
  • Throwing - The skill of hurling missiles at your opponent. It is for short to medium range, and generally used as a finishing move.
  • Archery - Is used for bows and crossbows, they work more or less as OSI archery except for the subskills and the 2 second setup timer.

2. Weapon Stats

Material and material bonuses are listed at the top, and is not included into the damage and speed properties.

  • Damage type(s) - Here you see what type of damage your weapon does and how much, for example a dagger does 100% piercing damage, and thus all damage you do is checked against your opponents piercing resist.
  • Weapon damage - Lists what damage range your weapon has, some have a large range and some have none, like a dagger with its 10-10 damage range, this is then modified by any bonuses and penalties on your status window.
  • Weapon speed - Shows you how much time it takes to make 1 attack with your weapon without any bonuses or penalties.
  • Attack directional damage - Next you will see how much of your status window damage each type of attack will do. For example if your status window tells you that you do 100 damage, and you attack with a weapon with a 40% Overhead attack, you will cause 40 damage on an unarmoured opponent.
  • Strength requirement - This has to be met for you to even equip the weapon, let alone use it.
  • Range - This is only listed on missile weapons and polearms, and will tell you how many tiles you can attack from.
  • One handed / Two handed - Tells you how many hands you need to use the weapon, some actions require a free hand, like drinking potions or throwing things with your offhand.
  • Durability - Tells you how worn your weapon is, it will display a temporary and a maximum durability, if you fight long enough that your temporary durability reaches 0, you will start to lower the maximum as well.