Rules of Engagement


Khaeros’ Rules of Engagement (RoE) are designed to help prepare players for large scale conflict between factions and nations.  These rules are left general with the assumption that staff will be involved in most if not all use of the RoE, and it is expect that all players involved in any PvP or RoE experience will follow the Shard Rules as well as any laid out directions by staff.


The RoE defines a few terms for ease of understanding.  The rules are built on three “levels” of PvP combat.  Certain areas (currently the Five Nations and the Highwayman) are considered “RoE protected” to simulate the safety of a walled, guarded city and interact in a unique way with the RoE.


1) A Skirmish is any PvP combat that happens in the Wilderness of Khaeros, or any area that is not protected by RoE.  It is expected that all participants follow all of the PvP rules, understand correct usage of the [challenge system, and generally proceed with mutual respect before and after the conflict.

 2) A Raid is defined as a PvP battle inside an RoE protected area with either general destruction and mayhem or a specific goal in mind.  These Raid battles are to be treated as player-driven events, and it is expected that any Raid Attackers converse with a staff member to help decide the best way to go about setting and achieving Raid Goals.  Some examples of Raid Goals: Stealing resources, damaging infrastructure such as wells and farms, kidnappings, prison breaks, etc.

3) A Siege is the largest PvP battle on Khaeros and also the RoE battle that requires the most effort on the part of the Attackers.  Sieges require expending significant resources, winning Skirmishes on the field of battle, and other story “build-up” events.  Sieges are not to be taken lightly, as a successful siege can change the course of history of a nation on Khaeros.  Any group or faction wishing to engage in a Siege of one of the RoE protected areas must first converse with a staff member on their goals and strategy before moving forward with their plans.


Historically, the RoE of Khaeros has been well defined and used as both a sword by attackers and a shield for those who wanted to hide behind a city’s walls.  These rules are left purposefully vague with the understanding that A) Staff will be involved in all large-scale PvP and B) That the RoE (And PvP in general) is used as a tool to promote story development and shard growth, and not as a tool to grief others or commit similar rules infractions.


A special mention also must be made for looting a defeated opponent.  It is currently allowed that the winner of an RoE compliant conflict may loot the following from a fallen opponent: Any number of stackable items (Including ammunition, coins, bandages, or materials).  And a single “Trophy” item (most commonly a helmet or weapon).  This is meant to foster roleplay and story development, since any Trophy taken must be held for <x amount of time> (it cannot be simply destroyed) and should offer a chance for revenge and reclamation by the defeated party.


With these rules in mind, please remember that PvP on Khaeros is not a right, it is a privilege.