05 December 2016

- Mercenary contracts have been removed from the game.

- NPC mercenary's have been spawned in their place, they can be located in each town according to their nation. These will require an upfront payment of 3 days pay which can be dropped ontop of them.

- Mercenaries have been increased to 3 control slots each (from 2). 

- Existing Mercenaries are uneffected by the control slot increase, have fun with them while they last.

- You may now only wear 8 pieces of Linen at a time. 

04 December 2016

Please Note: Everyone MUST use .reforge upon logging in, failing to do so may result in your characters stats/resists/caps being bugged out. 


- Major Dodge Changes.

- Pure Dodge has been removed. 

- Dodge and Enhanced Dodge no longer contribute resist bonuses to light armour.

- Passive dodge chance from Enhanced Dodge has been increased to 30% when not wearing armour at level 3, this chance is then reduced to 21% when using Armoured Dodge with Light Armour and reduced further to 15% when using Armoured Dodge with Medium.

- Resist bonuses to unarmoured resists from Dodge have been reduced to compensate for the increased passive chance.

- Plate Mastery now correctly displays the increased Damage Ignore at level 3 (1.35, up from 1.25)

- Exotic Weaponry cost has been increased to a maximum of 15000 CP at level 3.

- Exotic Weaponry now has access to Bleeding Strike.


Please Note: Because of the loss of Pure Dodge, Linen bonuses now benefit dodge users. Yay Khemetar Economy!


29 November 2016

Whispers leave the lips of townsfolk on a shipment of strange and exotic goods having arrived at the Highwayman

29 November 2016

Hey folks,


With a rise in population for the Vhalurians, we have once again adjusted the boosted races.The new races eligible for the boost are as follows.


Current Low Population Nations:





27 November 2016

Disturbances with the Silver Tongues in Caerdwyr grew more quiet, a new game must have begun involving Labras and their home the Alyrians thought. With mhordul once more housing themselves to the south, rumours of their wishes to take over the city begin to spread. Will the alyrians survive without their scion, or will a new leader rise to power?

16 November 2016

On a silent night as many slept, some did not.


Waving good-bye to their friends and family the small Azhuran merchant caravan set their sights toward the city of Vhaluran, but alas, their destiny was not to reach the city. Just slightly out of range of the Uqbar city guards the sound of a Tyrean warhorn was blown, followed by both the hiss of arrows through the sky and the shouting of warriors as the small caravan was taken unexpectedly by the raiding party. The unexpecting Azhurans put up quite a fight, managing to take down one or two but were ultimately overwhelmed. By the time the guardians of Uqbar reached the scene, the fur cloaked warriors were gone, all that remained was death and flame.


Silence quickly returned to the night. 

15 November 2016

Birds of Prey have been added to the world of Khaeros. They are Hawk, Eagle, Osprey, Kite, Falcon, Owl, and Harrier.

04 November 2016

- Changed hitching posts to reject any non-mount pet. Players have until Monday the 7th of November to remove these pets, or risk deletion. 

- Fixed a bug that was incorrectly allowing for people to harvest while mounted. (How do you even do that?)

02 November 2016

-  Added the Pray command. Using .pray followed by whatever prayer you wish to mutter to the gods will result in the gods (Staff) seeing it while they are online. 

- Added a UOSteam Negotiator. UOSteam will now be required to connect to Khaeros and you must have "Negotiate Features" ticked to avoid being kicked from the server. 

27 October 2016

- Only one change today, we are once again attempting to utilize a new core that will refrain from booting everyone offline every few hours. Let staff know immediately if there are any unexpected or unusual side effects. A server back-up has been created for 3 AM PST on the 27th of October and may be utilized incase of catastrophic failure.

24 October 2016

- Cushions are now dyable with dyetubs

- Tyrean language hue is now a nice pleasant blue. 

- Added a Market Place forum.

- Glasses now retain metal colour. (Yay obsidian glasses!)

- Gift Boxes are now craftable with inscription

- Scrolls are now craftable with logs, not leather.

- Gemmed Circlets can now be crafted with tinkering. 

- Ragged Pants, Skirt, Long Skirt, Bra and Long Bra are now all craftable by both Khemetar and Azhurans. Have fun being slaves.

- Boards will now correctly hue as a default hue regardless of type. 

- Fur cloaks are now craftable with tailoring.

- Flower Garlands are now craftable with Roses and will retain the colour of the rose used to craft it, you can find these in the hat section.

- Origami can now be made with paper by scribes.

21 October 2016

- A new threat arises as the Snowcrazed show their faces.

- The Brown Coats have shown their true colours. 

- Added a few new special attacks to mobs, expect to see certain mobs use attacks you have never seen them use before.

- Adjusted the RessSick timer to 1.5 minutes (down from 5 minutes).

- Groundwork laid for the return of armour durability (No, it's not enabled yet).

- Reward Token output from crafting has been increased. EO's now have a 50% chance to give 2 tokens, and MW's are guaranteed 5 tokens.

19 October 2016

Hey folks,

As we have had an influx of Khemetar and Azhurans (Yay!) we have removed them from the boost. The new races eligable for the boost are as follows.

Current Low Population Nations:



06 October 2016

- Added Eagles to the Birds of Prey breeding options

- Fixed Cushions to properly require cloth and say that they require cloth. Additionally, they have been moved to the tailoring misc menu.

- Fixed Carpets to properly tell you they require cloth and not fur. 

- Reverted a change to inscription that allowed for people to craft books with wood, instead going back to leather. (Who takes inscription on a lumberjack?)

- Added Round Table to carpentry menu

- Added 2 new metal suit decorations to the Tinkering misc menu

- Added a peg board to carpentry


22 September 2016

- Removed the previous buff to bows, it was WAY too much. 

- Gave BowMastery, ThrowingMastery and CrossbowMastery access to a number of other feats. 

- Made ThrowingMastery increase boomerang throwing range values.

- Lowered the mana required for a Wraith to get it's damage buff (from 100 to 20 as noone ever really has mana).

- Reduced Silvertongue and Desert Snake INT values so they will parry less. (Was 75, now 50)


PM Remus or Mal for a reforge if you are effected by the archery/throwing changes. 

20 September 2016

- Added in a new named faction of brigands, the Desert Snakes. The Khemetar quiver with fear.

- Adjusted difficulty of Silvertongues and fixed their inability to use stances and special attacks.

- Found an oddity in the BaseWeapon script that resulted in mobs with human bodyvalues doing minimal if any damage to their targets (Why was this a thing?)

- Due to the fix for humanoid mobs doing minimal damage, I had to instead program that debuff for mercenaries. (Removing the debuff had them doing 120 damage a swing to Stonegiants)

- Made some changes to prepare for a potential monster damage buff , returning us to more heavy hitting monster damages on non human mobs. (No more tanking entire caves of mobs that should rightly rip your face off and requiring parties to do a little more tactical thinking.) 

- Fixed another oddity in the BaseWeapon script that was reducing archery damage for -players-(Only players, not mobs) to nearly half of what it should have been (Wow, the past staff really hated archers.)


19 September 2016

Hey folks,

Mal and I have been doing some chatting on the subject of allowing a player to play on two different nations (One character in each nation). We have decided to allow people to do so, on a limited basis as a test. If the test goes well and drama remains low and metagaming non-existant from these characters, then we will consider revoking that rule entirely and allowing everyone to play as two nations (If they wish.). 

- Remus

16 September 2016

- Made Shortspears thrustable on mounts

- Made MA abilities able to be used in armour

- Adjusted loot of a few different mobs.

- Adjusted Heavy Armour's damage ignore per piece

- Added back in drugs... Yay? They no longer give a mechanical benefit, but they will still give an addiction.

- Had a strange hiccup on the connection front resulting in an oddity, players who login white are encouraged to go kill themselves to fix it.

- Made crafted items retain the hue of the material they are crafted from. (This won't make any difference in day to day living, but will allow us to give limited quantities of custom hued cloth and the like as rewards, allowing you to craft items with said hue)


14 September 2016

- Fixed HeavyPieces, MediumPieces and LightPieces not correctly updating, this will allow things like the benefit from Plate Mastery to actually occur. 

- Reduced Barbery price to 1/2/3 thousand (down from 2/4/6)

- Changed the racial mount rider feats to be racially locked.

- Locked CureFamine (No idea why it was allowed in the first place)

- Added some staff side things so as to better organize your staff members

- Granted every current player a single reforge, please make use of this immediately upon logging in as certain skills locations and prices have been adjusted. This can be done by typing .reforge and following the prompts.

- Removed Side Cabinet from the crafting menu as it's currently bugged. (We really need to fix our art.)

- Pregancy timers will correctly display 3 days. 

12 September 2016

- Added three new horse types: Warmblooded Horse, Destrier and Desert Horse, these will replace the existing horses on the spawners and are capable of being interbred, each one having many new colours and potential rare hues to spawn as. 

- Changed the breeding system to have a 50% chance to take the hue from the mothers current hue and 50% to take the hue from the fathers hue, rather than the scripts. This will allow for custom hued animals to be bred and make more of the same hued animal. 

- Fixed subjugation, you can now subjugate and tame an animal at 25% health

- Added 5 new hues to every racial mount in the game for a total of 8 per mount.

- Updated the Core so that the AFK kicker would stop kicking active players.

- Other Misc script changes that I may have forgotten about

- Added a "Contact Us" page to the main navigation bar

- Added a "Join us" page to the main navigation bar

- Updated the All-In-One.rar to be a little less bulky