IRC and Forum Rules


1.) Insulting others or using inflammatory language is strictly prohibitted in any OOC setting, including privately. Players are encouraged to bring such incidents to the staff, including concrete, such as screenshots, evidence whenever necessary.

2.) Harassing fellow players or staff will not be tolerated. 

3.) This is not a self-policing community. While players are encouraged to handle disputes privately, the staff retains all authority on handling conflicts between players once they have been involved.

4.) Metagaming is a bannable offense. For information on what metagaming is, use Google or read our rule section. Ignorance is not an excuse.

5.) Private conversations are to remain private, unless forwarded to the staff for investigative purposes or with express permission from both parties. Only with permission from all parties involved can they be shared in public rooms.

6.) This is a mature roleplaying server and as such, inflamatory language used within the game is allowed, do not however let this carry over to IRC or the forums. You are not your character, nor are your fellow players. We are all playing roles. 

7.) Issues created in game are to be handled in game. The IRC Channel, #Khaeros, is reflective of our gaming environment. Do not take in game issues into the IRC Channels or to the forums.

8.) The Khaeros staff reserves the right to ban a player from posting on the forums, or being in the official IRC channels for any amount of time, this ban does not affect your in game status.