The Dyrhall


Along the highway is the home for the training grounds of the Dyrs, a residential hall and training ground for the foremost monster hunters on the continent. Dyrs operate under the behest of the Highwayman, ensuring a neutral balance against events and continental antagonists considered supernatural. The Dyrhall consists of members from any race, specially trained against various foes. Members of the Dyrhall are enhanced with alchemic potions, considered poisonous to those who have not undergone the trials of Dyrhall membership. These monster hunters are experts in one on one combat and tracking, often working for a base salary supplied by the Highwayman, finding their keepsake upon gratuity rendered by the leaders of other races when Dyrs operate in their lands. Becoming a member of the Dyrhall is a tremendous honor, and those seeking membership are often referred to the Highwayman by racial leaders.