The Sandrauga


Very little is known about the Sandrauga specifically. A union of economic superpowers, historical records indicate their influence over the Vhalurian Castigation, the Mhordul Expanse, the Imperial Era, and even the restoration of Alyrian society when it was close to collapse. Whoever these individuals are, they collectively and quietly determine the market value of products. If a local merchant or craftsmen seeks to undervalue or irrespectively sell their products too far below established market price, that merchant might find themselves quickly “out of business.” 

There are rumors that this group is tightly knitted within Azhuran politics, calling upon the finest assassins to do away with competitors or problematic marketers. In some cases, the Highwayman has seemed to move randomly in political influence, but many speculate his hand was forced by the infinite influence of the Sandrauga. This group of individuals has unlimited access to information, with agents scattered across the continent; some agents are so ingrained in other governments, their detection has become impossible—entire societies and cultures built around them and the hands that move them.