Patron of the Alyrians

Arianthynt is the deity of matter. Magic, the fabric of existence, is woven from her hands. Her emanations are the canvas that is life. Upon her essence, the divine six paint reality, and she is the mistress of all that is magical and occult. Mysteries and secrets are kept by her, for they are embedded into the web of all that which is. She resides within the stars and the sky, her dominion is also the underworld where the leylines of magic flow. She is the divine patron of scholars and men of knowledge, overseeing all knowledge keeping and research done throughout the waking world. Also referred to as “She”.

She is the fabric of Change.

The clergy of Arianthynt is a vessel of knowledge and wisdom. People flock to the temple to hearken unto his counsel, for mysteries and lores of old are whispered into his ears by the all-pervading divine essence. Many scholars also come to seek his counsel in matters more technical, for it is customary that he is well-versed in at least a few fields of common scholarship; perhaps alchemy or languages. As a lesser practice, it is worth noting that while most artists tend to flock to the temple of Xipotec, poets instead favor Arianthynt, for their words often attempt to tell of mysteries and deeper truths, domains of Her.

The clergy of Arianthynt are most busy being the research force of the world of Khaeros. They scour ancient tomes and scriptures as well as gather information throughout the land through a wide variety of sources. Their most important field of research is the occult, the inner workings of the unexplained, miracles and the unknown. They provide the world of Khaeros with measures to battle the occult as effectively as possible, and themselves sometimes hold a rudimentary understanding of it that serves as a shield against it. These peculiar studies make them respected and vital to the world while at the same time creating a hazy mist of mistrust around them, as though they associate with the occult too much to be completely pure.

Clergy primarily devoted to Arianthynt are generally serious individuals, though not always pedantic or somber. They take their work seriously and constantly seek new knowledge and information.