Patron of the Khemetar

Mah'tet is the deity of balance. Her emanations ebb through all that is and fill crevasses, bring down mountains, grind down the imperfections in the fabric of existence. She is also the mistress of time, and in that aspect, the mistress of death. The gradual lessening of things and processes, wearing away people and things over time, so that new things might take their place. Her domain in the earthly spheres is the moon, a perfect silver disc, smooth and flawless. Darkness follows in her wake, signifying the eternal void of ultimate neutrality. She is also the embodiment of justice, the primeval force that rights wrongs. Also referred to as “The Mistress”.

She is the balance in Change.

Her main temple lies in the Khemetar settlement of Zahir, in the centre of the great dry plain. Surrounded by dead, arid land and the bones of those who do not make it to the oasis in the centre, death is a constant shadow looming over the settlement. As Mah'tet chips away at existence on her side, so do the winds bite and chip away at the buildings and people by the temple. The practices of her clergy are varied, not as one-minded as it may seem. Of course, they spend much time at burials, blessing the deceased, ensuring them eternal peace, but they are also among the chief surgeons and men and women of medicine, administering Mah'tet's clemency, extended time before death, by adopting the ancient Khemetar teachings of anatomy that are used in mummification. It is not uncommon that an ailing patient or his family will request the treatment of a devotee of Mah'tet - either to heal them, or to ease their descent into the void. Men of justice often turn to her for blessing, as she is the patron of righting wrongs. Clergy of Mah'tet are sometimes granted judicial power by the ruling powers, acting as intermediaries for petty disputes and minor local matters in the settlements. Many clergy strive for this honor, so that they might serve the people and the Mah'tet equally.

Clergy primarily devoted to Mah'tet tend to be somber, serious individuals. They do not take their work lightly, and devote themselves deeply to the lores of death, studying medicine and familiarising themselves with the ancient lore of necromancy, so that they might battle it better, as well as use bits of it to their gain.