Patron of the Azhurans

Xipotec is the deity of passion. Within his essence burns the ever-replenishing fire of lust and heroism, power and majesty flow from him. In the earthly spheres, his reign is the Sun, and all things fiery. He sets aflame the hearts of men and living things, as well as the essences of things unliving, spurring them into action and consummation of life. He is greatly present in the leaders of men, orators, souls that spark further inspiration among other mortal souls. Artists, as well, sometimes seek to worship him, for Xipotec also blesses those of the creative mind, artists and inventors, he is the voice of inspiration.

He is the will of Change.

His primary temple is the ziggurat in the middle of the Azhuran settlement of Uqbar, on the outskirts of the great desert, overlooking the sea, a gateway into the jungles of Azhur. It is common of all individuals that take up a prominent position within the nations to go seek the blessing of the clergy of Xipotec, that their leadership might be even more inspiring and fortunate. Settlement leaders, figures in the Imperial cogs and inner workings, they all seek the strength of Xipotec. Individuals who seek to borrow his majesty often wear symbolic rings or pendants with the image of the sun, trying to channel his influence in that way. Some world leaders have been rumored to wear a large sun-shaped pendant around their neck, fashioned out of pure Azhuran gold, the material considered most connected with Xipotec. Artists of all sorts often end up near the temple. Be it in times of great inspirational drought, or just after a great breakthrough, paying homage to Xipotec is considered to greatly enhance the chances of creating an artistic masterpiece, be it a book, painting, sculpture, or anything else.

Clergy primarily devoted to Xipotec are usually among the most uplifting and positive-thinking individuals you are likely to meet. Themselves usually being proficient orators or artists, they constantly drive those around them to action and creation, finding uplifting words in most situations. Not in a cheap, forced way, but genuinely and truthfully. They never put on acts or lie much - the sheer self-assuredness and willpower they possess are shields against that.