Patron of the Mhordul

Xorgoth is the deity of chaos. War and destruction are his songs, echoing throughout the mortal lands. His essence in the earthly spheres resides in blood and thunder, lightning and storms. He ripples through existence, violently destroying the creations upon the canvas of life. He is the lord of aggression and violence, combat and rivalry. He fuels confrontations, so that more havoc can be wrought upon the lands. Victory is also within his sphere, so that any confrontation, even ones not concerning war, such as games or debates, also concern him.

He is Change through destruction.

The clergy of Xorgoth relish the general feeling of aggression and strength that the day-to-day life of conflict is usually permeated with. Many are those who come to him to seek blessing before an act of war or an important duel, and his presence is thought of as mandatory in any large campaign or military expedition a group or nation undertakes. Clergy of Xorgoth tend to be heavily tattooed, a practice that has its roots in the old Mhordul ritual war-paints. Tattooing is said to bring power due to its connection with pain. Scars of war are also greatly revered in the service of Xorgoth, the more, the better. It is said that devotees of Xorgoth tend to look as gruesome and as terrifying as possible, to instill fear in the hearts of their enemies. Many clergy of Xorgoth have been known to have their entire bodies covered with tattoos, sometimes even their faces.

Clergy primarily devoted to Xorgoth are rugged, usually powerful individuals, more proficient in combat than their other counterparts. A peculiar trait they seem to share is that the average age of a clergy of Xorgoth is higher than any other clergyman's age - the cause is to be sought in the fact that many of them are war veterans, ex-soldiers. They tend to be somber and quick to anger, and seem to despise or at least heavily discourage weakness.