Creation and the Gods


A divine chorus of six entities, each permeating the earthly spheres with their emanations. They are pure sources of magic, the matter out of which all things are made of, and its chief weavers and shapers. Six great underground rivers of magical energies flow from them, telluric leylines, currents of Existence Eternal. They are all equal, six Voices, six Faces, six Hands. Their work echoes throughout the Living Lands on each passing moment, each second is a reverberation of their Existence. It is not surprising, then, that the six major Khaerosian cultures have each taken up one of them as their patrons – indeed, they were unknowingly shaped by the emanations themselves, and not taken up afterwards, as it might seem to the unobservant eye of a heathen. The cultures are not children or deliberate creations of the deities – they are their logical spawn, elongations of their divine nature onto the world, the highest receptacles for the divine emanations. There are many usages and rituals connected with each single deity, and each Race has their Patron with respect to the other five. 

Since the earliest indicators for the Age of Man, worship of six deities has been the norm. However, ancient symbols at Tserjicanth suggest that at one time there were no gods but instead an ancient civilization of powerful beings, all the way until an event called The Cataclysm. After the event, record of these beings appears to vanish. Whether the disappearing act is because the beings ceased to exist or because the records are lost to the ages is an ongoing argument. Recently, some outlandish rumors have begun to spread, claiming eye-witness accounts of The Nameless Ones. The Insularii have soundly discredited those rumors with very little investigation.