21 February 2017

- Most if not all trees should be chopable now. Let us know if you find any that aren't.

09 February 2017

New map and art files (New Tyrean City, New Khemetar City, Vhaluran Updates, Tserjicanth Redo) 


Big thanks to Kris, Wren and Vara for their great map work for this release. You went above and beyond my expectations. 

08 February 2017

Hey folks,

Just letting those of you in Tyrheim and Khemet know that Mal and I have packed up your houses and shoved it all away for safe keeping. Once the map changes over tomorrow night and houses are zoned, you may page to retrieve your items from us. Also please note, that you all have until tomorrow evening to stable your pets or they will all be thrown together in a pen and you will have to contact staff to retrieve them.


07 February 2017

- Removed a defunct FTP system which was causing both crashes and server hangs, fingers crossed that it solves all our server problems.

- Preparations for a massive map update have begun, stay tuned for more information. 


Please note, the new boost races are now as follows:

- Azhuran

- Alyrian

05 February 2017

- Added new Ymir mobs with cool effects

- Adjusted ingot cost to repair armour and shields, it is now Maxhits - Hits /10 (The same as weapons)

- Added in armour and shield durability loss and destruction. The chance for a piece of armour to degrade is 5-9% on being hit, upon hitting 0 hitpoints, you will then begin getting messages about pieces being permanently damaged as maxhits goes down, if maxhits reaches 0, you will recieve a message about the item being destroyed and it will be deleted.

- Added in clothing durability loss and destruction. The chance for a piece of clothing to degrade is higher than armour at a 9-15% chance. The same rules apply.

- Adjusted Mercenaries damage to be more reasonable. Should be about equal to a player now. 

- FixMe has now properly been Fixed by Me, you are once more able to fix your own linen bugs. 

30 January 2017

- Players can now fix their own linen bugs. As staff has been unable to recreate whatever is causing it, the FixMe command will now recount your linen pieces and set your property accordingly. 

- Fixed Greenheart resource controllers. Looks like someone added an extra 0 to the roll, making it a 75 in 1000 chance to give the harvester Greenheart logs. It's been fixed. 

25 January 2017

- Fixed a bug with leadership not properly being factored into Merc damage

- Damage adjustments to pets. Wolves and Mercs in specific. Further changes will be made to these and the other types of pets as testing is done. 

21 January 2017

- Fixed a bug preventing anyone except the players nation from buying from a vendor. It will now correctly sell to the individual race, or all races with the toggle. 

- Removed the limit on atmopshere tiles, these can add immersion to any house/shop and can be added with the .addatmosphere command.

- Ogre loot has been updated

- Players are no longer capable of inflicting mass damage with animals when lacking the Animal Lore and Animal Taming feats, this was done to hopefully steer non-tamers way from relying on pets while still allowing the freedom to own animals for RP and other mechanical purposes. Further, groundwork has been laid for a rebalancing of pets, as such a slight damage nerf has been applied to test the waters for future balancing.

- A series of scripts have been updated/added to aid in the ability to provide a status page showing online players. The temporary home of said status page can be found at khaeros.com/status.htm, this will of course change once we get around to making a fancy new status page. 

19 January 2017

- Gave player vendors the option to only sell to players who match the nation of their owner, this can be toggled by the owner with the ToggleVendor command. By setting it to -NOT- sell to allied races, it will only sell to -your- race and not races friendly to you. Setting it back will make it once more sell to any friendly race including your own. 

- Guard death will no longer cause the server to crash.

- Society of Rymaliel guards will now only spawn as Vhalurians. 

- Kobold Lords have had their gold drops reduced. (Good thing people don't explore much, they dropped wayyy too much).

- Ettins have been given a bit of coin to make them more rewarding to find.

- Cyclops have had their loot adjusted.

- Silvertongue Archers will now use Hail of Arrows.

19 January 2017

The night sky echoed full of the bells chiming in Vhaluran once the boats returned to the docks , the citizens thought they would hear cheering but all that was heard was silence. As the men and women departed the boats, mutters could be heard that the King had passed. Princess Caliborne led Captain Blackmont who carried the late King back to Caliborne manor. Cries and condolences were heard from the on lookers as the pair passed by. Surrounded by a small army, Queen Victoria was the last off the immense vessel. Her face red and puffy, she was as elegent as ever. The tone of the crowd changed, almost instantly when they saw her. "We love you Queen Victoria" yelled one, and another responded "Glad you are safe, our heart's are with you." Victoria blew them a kiss and said "I love you all too" before she was quickly shooed inside Manor.

17 January 2017

Hours have passed since the brown coats arrived kidnapping the Queen of Vhaluran. Once Knights and guards that were discharged for their actions by King Thomas Caliborne. Even with their lack of honour, the tactics they used most definitely stuck out. But what was the goal, and where did they go? How will the King respond?

08 January 2017

If you are going to be away, say vacation or a work trip let a member of staff know and we will make sure you don't lose your home or vendor while you are away.


30 December 2016

It has come to my attention that players didn't know their first player vendor is to be free. If you are looking for a vendor to put your wares, page a member of staff and request them to give you one.

Sorry about the confusion

24 December 2016

Hey folks!

Just wanted to make a brief post wishing everyone a wonderful winter holidays. Upon logging in you will find a gift box in your characters inventory with a few fun things, you have all also been granted 1 reforge per character.

Enjoy everyone, hope you all have an amazing holiday!

23 December 2016

What happens when you mess with the Insularii? A question that for many years has gone unanswered. After killing the Grand Noble a short time ago, the Ataloa is beginning to get the answer.


What is in store for the citizens of Uqbar and their leader the Ataloa?

21 December 2016

As orphans begin to go missing from across Khaeros, rumours begin to speculate from the citizens between the coastlines of their whereabouts.

21 December 2016

The very land itself trembles.

The cheers of the Mhordul horde echo through the air.

A new champion has risen.

19 December 2016

Hey folks,

Due to recent instabilities with our last host we have gone ahead and migrated to a new host, this one has been known to be stable so we are hoping for the best. Let us know if there is anything odd you experience, though it seems stable on our end. 

New IP for both TS and Server: play.khaeros.com

New Port: 2593

Have fun!

14 December 2016

With one swift explosion, the mhordul blew the pass.
Flooded the town with brother, sister even cousin.
They claimed once more, what was theirs to start with
An alliance surely won't stop there
When it's led by simply Labras

14 December 2016

Hey folks,

It seems as of late there's a bit of a misconception on how prayers work and/or are answered. While your prayers are most often heard by the gods, this does not mean you will get the reply you desire, expect or even any reply at all. Staff deals with these prayers on a case to case basis and just because you feel your prayer should be answered, does not mean that it will be. Most often you may not even understand the responses to your prayers when they do get answered. The gods are often vauge and it's up to you to interperate what they may or may not be trying to tell you.

Hopefully this helps.