How to Apply for and Play on Khaeros



Standard Connection Method

Step One: Familiarize yourself with the avaliable lore and rules posted on this site.

Step Two: Fill out a Character Application sheet and submit it for staff approval.  

Applications can be sent to: Applications(At)

Step Three: Upon acceptance, download the "All-In-One.Rar" file hosted: Here

Step Four: Download UOSteam, a UO assistance tool from: Here

Step Five: Run UOSteam

Step Six: Unrar the previously downloaded "All-In-One.rar" file to anywhere on your computer

Step Seven: Point both the "Client Options" directory and "Ultima Online" directory to the folder you extracted from the "All-In-One.rar" file. 

Step Eight: Set the shard address to "" and the port to "2593".

Step Nine: Press start.

Step Ten: Make sure Negotiate Features is ticked on UOSteam.

Step Eleven: Log in and play!