The night sky echoed full of the bells chiming in Vhaluran once the boats returned to the docks , the citizens thought they would hear cheering but all that was heard was silence. As the men and women departed the boats, mutters could be heard that the King had passed. Princess Caliborne led Captain Blackmont who carried the late King back to Caliborne manor. Cries and condolences were heard from the on lookers as the pair passed by. Surrounded by a small army, Queen Victoria was the last off the immense vessel. Her face red and puffy, she was as elegent as ever. The tone of the crowd changed, almost instantly when they saw her. "We love you Queen Victoria" yelled one, and another responded "Glad you are safe, our heart's are with you." Victoria blew them a kiss and said "I love you all too" before she was quickly shooed inside Manor.