Khaeros Game Rules


All rules on Khaeros are based on two equally important concepts.  

1) Treat all other players and members of the community with respect.

2) Staff has the final say in all game-related situations.


With those two concepts in mind, there are some more specific rules that all members of the community are expected to follow.


1) Khaeros is a role-playing enforced environment.  All actions, speech, etc performed by a character in the game must reflect that character’s personality and role play.  All players are expected to stay in-character at all times.  Certain chatting services are exception to this rule, including in-game party chat and the IRC #Khaeros chatroom.  Remember that any information gained outside of Role Play cannot be used in game by a character.  This is instead Metagaming and is strictly forbidden.

2) Our shard is crafted by hand with a mind on fair play and fun.  While some suspension of disbelief is required in any role-playing or fictional situation, remember that abusing the mechanics of either UO in general or specific Khaeros mechanics is not allowed.  There are too many instances to list, however if something in the game feels too easy a certain way, please contact a member of the staff to ensure it is not bugged and is working as intended.  If a player is caught abusing mechanics for any reason punishment may follow.  Depending on the severity and obviousness of the infraction, a warning may not be issued and instead punishment may be given on the first instance.

3) Any PvP that occurs on the shard must adhere to the Rules of Engagement and must be carried out in a respectful manner.  In game rivalries, loyalties, rebellions and wars are no excuse to grief or disrespect the PLAYER behind a character.  Any conflict that appears to be solely carried out to harass another player or group (or breaks any of the rules set down by the shard) may be halted and reversed as per staff decision.

4) Khaeros does not strictly disallow mature role play between consenting players.  Please remember that any RP that may be considered too heavy or hardcore for those who have not consented must be performed outside of public view in either a private home or other suitable area.  Do note, however, that all members of Staff can hear any message sent in game.  Keep this in mind when considering your own privacy and what you would prefer others not to hear.

5) Muling will not be tolerated. If you wish for your character to have an item crafted by another character you own, then said item must be unable to be obtained elsewhere and must be placed on a vendor for a minimum of one week at a reasonable market price. Only with staff approval can you then purchase said item for the exact price you previously had it listed. Players will be given one and only one warning before staff begin to remove these items at our own discretion.

6) Utilizing automated rail harvesting scripts is not authorized. While we understand and respect the need for semi-automatic scripts, we have no interest in seeing players fully automate the entire harvesting process. 

7) Pet Storage:

Hitching Posts
-Temporary use only
-Animal is subject to thievery on 5th IRL day
-Strictly for mount use only (Other animals are subject to staff deletion without notice or warning)
Yard rules
- Must be fenced on a players property
- Any animal may be put in an outside pen
- Quantity of animals is relative to the pen size and space. If it looks over crowded - assume it is. This is not acceptable. 
- If you're putting animals in a pen, you should probably put a water trough in there for them. This is not a staff requirement and will not delete your animals if we do not see one, but this is an rp server. Please don't be cruel to your IG animals.
Animals inside
- No livestock animals inside of player housing. This includes packhorses. 
- No mounts inside player housing.
- Quantity of animals inside is relative to the size and space of the house. 
- If we see a bunch of dogs shoved and activated in a corner, we better see some furs and accommodations shoved over there with them. Make it look semi-presentable so that staff doesn't stop and question it when they see it.


These rules, like the PvP Rules of Engagement and others, are purposely left somewhat vague to allow Staff to make rulings as time goes on.  We are a mature group of people that, in many cases, have played together for over a decade.  It is up to us to play our parts in a way that is fair and responsible, and it is the prerogative of staff to ensure that all players treat one another with respect.


The rules listed here or elsewhere on the site cannot and will not be subverted, misinterpreted, or otherwise lawyered in a way that allows for abuse of members of the community.  In all situations the Staff of Khaeros reserves the right to deal with situations as they see fit for the good of the server as a whole.